Sipokni West

See Yesterday—Today!

Imagine stepping back in time to the 1880’s and visiting the spirit of the old west with cattle punching cowboys, dance hall girls, and the smell of gun smoke. Well pardners, welcome to Sipokni West Old West Movie Town. Sipokni was created as a movie set for the film industry and has been the site of several movies, such as Chickasaw Rancher,and Te-Ata, Both movies Produced by the Chickasaw Nation, No Rest For The Wicked, Black Marshal story of Bass Reeves Curse of the Sacred Mountain ,Marshal’s Day off-Gary Walker Producer. Also Documentaries and featured on NBC’s Comedy Central.

Sipokni West has evolved into one of southern Oklahoma’s favorite tourism features.  At Sipokni West , visitors can visit the museum of old west history that displays how life was during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.   Sipokni West has a state of the art Trading Post with cowboy hats, spurs, saddles, gifts, collectibles, old comics, blankets, Christmas items, used books and so many items that speak everything country and western for the young and older cowboys and cowgirls.

Come and enjoy great homecooked meals and desserts made by our fabulous staff at Lost Spur.

Valdene Bailey and Kim Nimsey are the head cookys of our chuck wagon food in Lost Spur. Julie King, Shelby West, and Riley West are our waitresses, also help with prep and clean-up. Jerry Stout entertains our guest with stories and comedy routines. Jerry also helps with serving and clean-up.

Maridel Stout runs our trading post located right down the street. The Emporium located behind the café is operated by Wanza Caraway. She has many homemade articles such as quilts, potholders, aprons and bonnets. We also have many volunteers who help us on our adventure to great service , food, and enjoyment!!!!

We are open every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11:30 until 8:30.